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Past deals we've sent out 🔥

$347 Roundtrip to London
(regular price: $850+)
$323 Roundtrip to Cancun
(regular price: $650+)
$387 Roundtrip to Paris
(regular price: $900+)
$592 Roundtrip to Sydney
(regular price: $1100+)
$582 Roundtrip to India
(regular price: $1100+)
$368 Roundtrip to Amsterdam
(regular price: $900+)

Who’s Mark? And why does he love cheap flights?

We met Mark in Barcelona. Over tapas, he told us about his love of traveling, and more importantly, how he’d mastered the art of finding cheap international flights. He walked us through all his tips & tricks, and inspired us to become cheap flight hunters ourselves.

As we got better at finding cheap international flight deals, we shared them with our friends. They became such a big hit, that we decided to start this service. And since this whole thing began with Mark, we named it after him.

So far, we’ve helped our users:

  • Travel to 120+ countries
  • Save an avg of $450 per ticket
  • Fly anytime during the year, including holidays
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Saved $1284
"My wife and I recently got married. We're saving up to buy a house and didn't have a lot to spend on our honeymoon. We were considering postponing it when Mark sent us an insane flight deal for a roundtrip to Paris for $580! Thank You Mark!"
- Dustin, 28, Atlanta
Saved $970
"Thanks so much for the tip. I just booked my flight. What an amazing deal! I couldn't pass on the opportunity. Istanbul has been on my bucket list forever! I can't thank you enough! I also convinced my best friend to book the same flight."
- Michelle, 24, San Francisco
Saved $1118
"We had a conference coming up in Berlin, but the company was tight on funds to send me and my colleague. I kept checking Mark's emails and there it was - a killer deal to Berlin! Thank you for saving the company money. Keep them coming!!"
- Brian, 32, Philadelphia