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Roundtrip to Colombia for $200s – $400s

Really great fares to beautiful Colombia 🙂 Pro-tip: Get lunch at La Puerta Falsa. They’ve been in business since 1816, and with hundreds of years to perfect a dish, the tamales there are *insane*. Finish your meal with chocolate con queso (hot chocolate with cheese; trust us).

Roundtrip to Bahamas for $200s – $400s

Some fantastic deals for warm, sunny Bahamas 🙂 Pro-tip: Check out the Pirates of Nassau Museum. While pirates may have been expelled in 1718, engaging displays about parrots, peg legs and Blackbeard keep swabby legends alive at this museum. The 260-year-old Graycliff Hotel also charms guests with swashbuckling tales of its buccaneer founder.

Roundtrip to Mexico City in $100s – $300s

Fantastic prices for a city that the NYTimes rated the #1 travel destination in the world 🙂 Pro-tip: Check out Lucha Libre – a rollicking spectacle of wrestlers, promoters, refs, and fans. Expect raucous crowd enthusiasm, and lots of laughs.

Roundtrip to Beijing for $400s – $500s (including Chinese New Year!)

Flights to China are rarely this cheap, so hop on 🙂 Pro-tip: Try to go for Chinese New Year (Feb 16, 2018), when the whole city comes alive in an incredible way. If you do go then, find a Chinese family to host you for the traditional New Year’s Dinner.

We Analyzed 100 Million Flight Searches. Here’s How You Get The Cheapest Flights.

Flights are usually the most expensive part of a trip, especially international ones. This makes finding the best cheap flight deal more important than finding the best sights, restaurants or even hotels. Let’s be real – if you can’t afford the flight, you’re not traveling anywhere. As there is more consolidation in the airline industry, … Read more

Roundtrip to Dubai for $500s – $600s

Flights to Dubai are usually $1100+, so these are great deals 🙂 Pro-tip: Check out the Empty Quarter, the largest expanse of uninhabited desert in the world. Slide up and down the dunes in a 4×4, have an Emirati-style supper under the stars, and take a camel ride across the dunes.

Roundtrip to Barcelona for $300s – $400s

Fantastic deals to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe 🙂 Some routes are non-stop! Pro-tip: Check out the Gothic Quarter. With it’s rustic buildings, winding alleyways, fun shops and delicious food and wine, it can’t be missed.

Roundtrip to Berlin for $300s

Great deals to the capital of Germany 🙂 Pro-tip: Take a stroll along the East Side Gallery, literally painted onto a remaining stretch of The Berlin Wall, to see how well the city combines old with new.

Roundtrip to Belize for $200s – $400s

Great deals to Belize 🙂 Some routes are non-stop! Pro-tip: Take a day trip to the Maya Ruins of Lamanai. They date back to 700 B.C. and estimates put the number of structures, which are part of the ruins, at around 700 buildings; however, less than 5% have actually been excavated. Thick jungle, filled with howler … Read more

Roundtrip to Russia for $500s

Some fantastic deals to Russia 🙂 Some routes are even non-stop! Pro-tip: Check out the GUM, the main department store in Moscow. It was originally built at the bequest of Catherine the Great and used as a trading center, then a huge department store in the Soviet era, and now a big upscale shopping mall … Read more

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